Found an old recording

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This is a little jiggle made by a couple of Michigan musicians that were friends with Winston. It is a terrible recording as I wasn't sure how to get a cassette to play on my computer. However, I have sent to tape to the guys making the iPhone application and they will be creating an ad with it.

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This app alone is worth the price of an iphone. I LOVE IT. It makes the most mundane pictures into art!!

Wonderful creation, addicted to this app and so much love to the family of Bruce and Winston. Will be even more amazing when there is a 10 mp camera with this artistic magic. And yes you can still get film developed (Walgreen's still even has film 1 hour in a lot of stores)

The hipstamatic is a great camera, check out my blog, Hipstamatic Scene, at

Cheers dudes,


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